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What we

Real Good Dental is the fastest-growing network of local dental practices in the UK. We’re changing the face of high-street dentistry through unparalleled support, investment and a commitment to delivering world-class patient care.

Our vision

The Real Good way is to empower and support practices to be the best version of themselves, enabling nothing short of clinical excellence for the best patient experience and treatment outcome.

As the corporate that cares, we promise only positive change, delivered with a light touch, always personalised to suit you, your team and your patients.

The story
so far

From humble beginnings, we have grown into one of Scotland’s largest dental groups, with plans to expand throughout the UK and Europe. We started with one dental practice in Fife in 2012. We are now a team of 250 dental associates, 500 nursing staff and support staff.

We have nearly 100 dental practices and facial aesthetics clinics operating under the Real Good Dental banner. From our head office in Edinburgh, we provide centralised support to our practice staff and their patients.

Our light-touch approach to acquisitions ensures that every practice retains its original charm and that patients enjoy a continuous standard of care.


Real Good Dental started from just one dental practice in Fife in 2012. Our CEO, Dr Hans, worked out of our first practice in Kelty. 


Real Good Dental Group grew to an impressive 10 practices. This was a huge milestone and incredible progress in just 2 years. Exciting times lay ahead for Real Good Dental.


2 years later and another 10 practices were added with over 50 dentists in total working for the group. The exponential growth continued. A small head office opened in Kirkcaldy to support practice staff.


RGD combined forces with Westerwood Health, Scotland’s leading aesthetic clinic. Dr Usman and Riz Goheer are expert doctors in this field. The world-class flagship practice on Mitchell Street is well known throughout the country with best-in-class treatments and an active social media presence.


The group continued to grow but the pandemic caused RGD to shift its focus on supporting NHS dentistry throughout Scotland. With over 100 dentists actively supporting their local communities, we offered emergency dental wherever possible.


RGD grew to become one of Scotland’s largest dental groups when TriSpan LLP made their strategic investment in the group. At this point in time, Real Good Dental serviced over 350,000 patients across 46 mixed income practices located around the Central Belt of Scotland. This investment offered Real Good Dental the opportunity to learn from industry experts and continue to expand further across the UK and Europe.


Real Good Dental acquires Enamel in a landmark deal and their first in England. Since it was established in 2017, the Enamel Dental Group (‘Enamel’) has grown rapidly through a focused acquisition strategy.

Now, it comprises a total of 68 surgeries within 18 trading practices across the UK.

Real Good Dental becomes pan-European! With the acquisition of Castle Orthodontics, Real Good Dental makes its first appearance in Ireland and also Europe. An exciting landmark for the company.

Our team

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